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Posted by David Tellier on 11/16/2019

This Condo in Hampton, NH recently sold for $395,000. This style home was sold by David Tellier - Homefitter Realty, LLC.

108 Mary Batchelder Road, Hampton, NH 03842


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
Move right in to this meticulous home located on a quiet street in Hampton (SAU21), with excellent schools, vibrant downtown and gorgeous beaches. Sited on a sunny, corner lot and set off the road, this farmhouse-style semi-detached home has great curb appeal. Step inside and you will not be disappointed by the open floor plan, hardwood floors and neutral colors. The kitchen is large and functional, with a pantry closet and tons of cabinet storage, as well as direct access to the garage and an office/study. The kitchen opens to the dining area and family room. The family room is equipped with a wall mount for a flat screen TV, gas fireplace and surround sound throughout the entire home. There is also a deck off the kitchen where you can enjoy outdoor dining and grilling. On the upper level there is a large master bedroom with en suite bath and a large walk in closet. In addition to the master there is a large second bedroom with a walk in closet and a study/den with yet another walk in closet. The laundry is conveniently located on the second level. There is also a finished lower level with walk out access. Two finished rooms and a pellet stove. Perfect for guests, gatherings or au pair. And let's not forget the oversized one-car garage with ample space for a car and toys. Don't miss this exceptionally valued home - all the amenities without the price tag!

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Posted by David Tellier on 11/7/2019

Photo by Seksak Kerdkanno via Pixabay

Diffusing aromas in your home is a great way to settle in, relax and enjoy a fresh, clean scent that calms the nerves.

How Do We Know Aromatherapy Works?

Research gives us the scoop. Take lavender, for example. Research shows lavender

  • Eases nervousness much better than a placebo.
  • Raises people's scientifically measured mood scores and lowers distress, when accompanied in aromatherapy by rosemary and tea tree oils.
  • Eases restlessness, poor sleep, and other sleep problems.
  • Enhances "general well-being and quality of life." 

When it comes down to the science, aromatherapy passes the smell test.

Uplifting Scents

You aren't limited to lavender. Many plants and their oils create a mood-enhancing home environment.

Pick up some eucalyptus branches and enjoy their stimulating scents in your bathroom or home office.

Or mix and match, creating your signature scent, with a blend of essential oils:

  • For a natural energy boost, diffuse peppermint and rosemary essential oils, accompanied by a citrus element, like bergamot orange.
  • For a gentle uplift, diffuse lavender with lemongrass.

Experiment and enjoy the process.

Tea Leaves, Revisited

If you happen to enjoy tea, you have a ready-made way to subtly scent your home year-round.

Did you know tea aromatherapy is a thing in Japan? Japanese tea leaf warmers are called chakouro. The idea is to ease stress and sharpen mental focus, while creating an ahhh home environment.

Aromatherapy oil warmers work just fine for putting tea leaves instead of the oil in the shallow saucer on top of the warmer. As they warm and their scent is diffused, your leaves will gently roast. After many hours, this creates a remainder of rich, brewable leaves, called hojicha in Japan.

Tea itself is aromatherapeutic. Green tea, jasmine, or sencha are all delightful. Sencha tea, with its rich, yellow hue, is gaining many western adherents, with good reason. Enjoy it hot or iced, garnished with a lemon wedge and a fresh sprig of mint. The scent is deeply satisfying.

Experiment with fragrance. Enjoy the adventure. And come home to a sanctuary every day.

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Posted by David Tellier on 10/31/2019

If budgeting isnít your thing, youíll be glad to discover that itís quite simple. Thereís a way to categorize your spending and save money easily. If you learn the rule, it will become so automatic that you wonít even think about it. If youíre saving money for a home, this practice will be essential. Break your budget down into three categories: 

  • Living expenses
  • Financial goals
  • Personal spending

Half of your budget should go towards living expenses. This number includes all of the essentials like rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, commute costs, and insurances. 

20 percent of your income should go towards other financial goals like savings, investments, or paying down debt. Credit card bills, student loans, and other bills would fall under this category. This category is also where youíd save for your down payment, closing costs, and other expenses. This percentage can be adjustable depending on how much debt you have or how much you need to save for retirement. 

The remaining 30 percent of your income can go towards personal spending. This category includes everything that you use your money for but isnít a necessity. This percentage is also flexible. If your lifestyle doesnít require you to use all 30 percent each month, you can indeed save more money.

A Clear Plan 

These categories simplify your budget. Even if you make some adjustments to the numbers, the outline truly makes budgeting easy even for the most scatterbrained among us. It allows you to see where your money goes clearly. It also works no matter what kind of living situation you have.

The great thing about this budgeting plan is that you have some future needs built into it. Many times, when we budget, we think of our immediate needs and our shorter term goals. Saving for any occasion can never happen too early. You are able to not only focus on your current goals and the future.   


First, determine your monthly income. This number is how much money you take home after taxes. From here, youíll be able to split your money into categories by percentages. If your income fluctuates frequently, youíll need to take an average of your monthly income to determine your numbers. 

Next, you should take a look at your spending habits. These include everything from your morning latte to your monthly rent payment. From here you can make adjustments. Perhaps you need to look for a less expensive apartment. Maybe you need to cut down your weekly pizza to a bi-monthly purchase. Whatever you see in your finances, a simple percentage rule gives you the tools you need to become a saver and be well on your way to the purchase of your first home.     

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Posted by David Tellier on 10/24/2019

Relocating for a new job is a thrilling experience especially if the position is that big break you need in your career. However, it might be a huge decision to make. Relocating to a new country or state is like uprooting yourself from your place of comfort to a location where you have to start your life from scratch.

For adventurous and career-driven people, relocating for a new job can be a great and exciting experience. For other people who are neither career oriented or adventurous and have the option to move on the table, they tend to decline such offers or drag their feet about making the decision. When you decide to relocate, consider these points listed below:

Your Family

For people who are not married or in any relationship, you only have to worry about yourself if you decide to relocate. However, if you are married and have kids, itís an entirely different ball game. You have to consider your spouse (especially if him/her is working in your present location), you have to put into consideration having to change school for your kids, getting an apartment in your new area and how the change will affect your family. 

Do A Check On Your Financial Stability

So, the new job will pay better than your present job; you also get a promotion - pushing you higher on your career ladder. Before jumping at the offer and moving, consider your growth in that establishment. You should also look up the company to determine: if itís a fresh start-up that still has financial instability?í What about their sales volume? If Itís a company that seems like a viable option for the next couple of years and more? If you have access to this information, itís necessary you weigh your options right. 

Standard Of Living

Living standard differs from one city to another. Finding out about the standard of living before deciding to relocate would help you plan yourself better. Having an insight into the standard of living would help you determine if you should take the job or reject it. Irrespective of how much you will earn, if the standard of living is higher, it will increase your expenses Ė which is terrible for your savings.

Weather Conditions

For people who have issues coping in a certain kind of weather, you want to be careful when changing location. Find out online or ask people (if you know anyone who resides in that city) about the weather condition and if you should be worried about anything.

Life Outside The Office

You won't always be at work; you should find out about restaurants, good places to hang out and go to for fun and relaxation.

Plan B

Itís always advisable when relocating to have another plan should things go south. It doesnít mean you are pessimistic; itís only a smart way to survive. Also, discuss your plans with your family and friends to ensure that you have covered all the bases before making a potentially life-changing decision.

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Posted by David Tellier on 10/17/2019

A successful homebuying experience is a pipe dream for many individuals. However, those who understand the key attributes of a successful homebuyer may be able to transform their homebuying dreams into realities.

Now, let's take a look at three key attributes of successful homebuyers.

1. Persistent

A successful homebuyer won't take "No" for an answer; instead, this individual will go the extra mile to ensure he or she can acquire a great house at a budget-friendly price.

Ultimately, a successful homebuyer is driven to accomplish his or her goals. This individual's persistence is distinct, and as such, may help him or her achieve the optimal results.

To be persistent throughout the homebuying journey, it generally is a good idea to monitor the housing market closely. Because if you keep track of new homes that become available in cities and towns where you want to live, you can pounce at the opportunity to acquire your ideal residence.

2. Data-Driven

A successful homebuyer likely realizes that he or she needs to learn about the real estate sector. Therefore, this individual will allocate the necessary time and resources to analyze housing market data.

With a data-driven approach to buying a house, a homebuyer can increase the likelihood of a seamless homebuying experience. In fact, myriad housing market data is available to help a buyer discover the perfect house in no time at all.

Homebuyers may want to assess the prices of recently sold houses in their preferred cities and towns. This information can help buyers differentiate between a buyer's and seller's market and map out the homebuying journey accordingly.

Furthermore, examining a personal financial data may be helpful before kicking off a home search. And if a homebuyer collaborates with a bank or credit union, he or she can get pre-approved for a mortgage and enter the housing market with a budget in hand.

3. Patient

A successful homebuyer understands the challenges associated with purchasing a house. As a result, this individual can take the right steps to avoid such challenges as he or she proceeds along the homebuying journey.

For example, a successful homebuyer won't feel stressed if he or she encounters problems during a home inspection. Conversely, the homebuyer will look at his or her options and determine the best course of action. And if this individual decides to walk away from a home sale, he or she will feel good about reentering the housing market and beginning a home search once again.

When it comes to enjoying a successful homebuying experience, it pays to hire an expert real estate agent as well. This housing market professional can help you evaluate a wide range of houses and find one that matches or exceeds your expectations. Then, a real estate agent will ensure you can put together a competitive homebuying proposal to secure your dream residence.

Consider the key traits of a successful homebuyer Ė you'll be glad you did. If you strive for success at each stage of the homebuying journey, you should have no trouble acquiring your dream residence.

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